The Association of European Senates (AES) was established on the initiative of Mr. Christian Poncelet, President of the Senate of the French Republic, on 8 November 2000 in Paris. At this meeting, the Statute of the Association was adopted.

The Association, which brings together the Presidents of the upper Chambers of Parliaments of the European States, aims at: developing the relations between its members; promoting bicameralism within the framework of parliamentary democracy; strengthening the European identity and awareness.

According to the Association’s Statutes, at least one meeting of its members is organized annually, where each upper Chamber is represented by its President or a parliamentarian appointed by the President for that purpose. Other parliamentarians may also be members of national delegations.

The AES’s agenda includes topics of common interest relevant to the objectives of the Association. At the meetings, the Association deliberates by consensus.

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Statutes of the Association of European Senates