Călin Popescu-TăriceanuWelcome to the website of the 19th Meeting of the Association of European Senates!

We are honoured to host this high level event of parliamentary diplomacy in the year when Romania celebrates the Centenary of the Great Union of 1st December 1918.

The topic proposed this year for the general debate of the AES meeting in Bucharest is ”Current challenges to the economic, social and territorial cohesion in Europe: what role for the Senates?”.

The Senates, by virtue of their representative nature and their legislative, budgetary and control powers, have a decisive role in mobilizing efforts for an inclusive economic growth and a harmonious regional development, thus contributing to enhancing cohesion in each of our societies and at European level.

Cohesion, as a precondition for stability and sustainable development, requires a permanent adaptation of mentalities and policies to the changes in the political, economic, social, and security environment. The Senates’ commitment is absolutely indispensable to guarantee the legitimacy, accountability and effectiveness of measures intended to combat economic and social polarization, as well as other threats to the constitutional order, to the security of our states and of our citizens.

In a Europe where disparities persist we need, more than ever, strong parliaments, guarantors of democracy and good governance.

I am convinced that the debates of the AES meeting in Bucharest will highlight the many aspects that cohesion implies nowadays on the European continent, while confirming that, from this perspective also, the Senates have an essential contribution.

Călin Popescu-Tăriceanu
President of the Senate of Romania